Friday, December 3, 2021

The Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies in December 2021

It’s already December! Some moviegoers must have waited for their favorite film to come out in December. This month of the holiday will be...

“Red Notice” Beats “Bird Box” as Most Watched Movie on Netflix

Red Notice now has officially beat Bird Box as the most popular movie ever on Netflix. This Rawson Marshall Thurber film has become the...

11 Nicholas Sparks Books That Were Made Into A Movies.

Nicholas Sparks, 55 years old author who has just announced his latest book, “The Wish ”by now has written over 20 books. One of...

Encanto Topped The US Box Office This Week!

The animated film "Encanto" is being talked about after its release on November 24, 2021. Encanto topped the US box office this week which...

Spiritwalker Beats Encanto And Eternals in Korean Box Office

Megabox Plus M film distribution officially released a Korean film entitled Spiritwalker starting November 24, 2021. When it was released in South Korea, this...

“Don’t Look Up”And The Many Names To Be Addressed

  From the makers of The Big Short, Vice, Anchorman & Step Brothers, comes with the latest entry to short jab in reality & media....
First Trailer for Supernatural Horror Film 'The Medium' from Thailand (1) (1)-168f8ffc

The Medium: A Horror Film that Keeps You Imagining Things

This year, Thailand has released a film with a horror genre that has successfully attracted public attention. The Medium is a film directed by...

The Not-So Ladylike Lady Diana in “Spencer”

Just three weeks after its release in theaters, Kristen Stewart’s “Spencer” becomes available for VOD (Video-on-Demand) release. I have seen it, and it left...

“Scream”: 25 Years Later Since The Woodsboro Murders

  The slasher movie will complete 25 years of release this December, and its moments still won’t die.   On December 20, 1996, Wes Craven’s “Scream” brought...

Movies Recap 2021: August Edition

  Last August, several films were highly anticipated, for example, the superhero film directed by James Gunn The Suicide Squad 2, and the horror-thriller film...
Stand by Me Doraemon 2-1b78aaaa

“Stand By Me Doraemon 2” Coming On Netflix This Christmas

To celebrate this holiday season, Netflix will give you more movies to watch. Besides Leonardo DiCaprio’s Don’t Look Up, the most awaited comedy film,...

Recommendations: Feel-Good Movies

We all have those moments when we think we want to watch something but the streaming platform offers you a million to choose from...

Annual Reminder: “Running on Empty” is A Thanksgiving Movie

Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty (1988) is weepy, heartwarming and sentimental. It centres around a family of four, where life sucks and it gets...

Upcoming Superhero Movies in Early 2022

With a month to go until 2022, these superhero movies are ready to greet you. Both Marvel and DC are ready to release their...

Marvel Fans Speculation Of Spider-Man: No Way Home

  Spider-Man No Way Home.   With the latest trailer has already up and running on Marvel's Youtube Channel, we can be more excited as to what the...

Tsai Chin: From The First Chinese Bond Girl, Auntie Lindo to Badass Grandmother

Nearing Tsai Chin’s 88th birthday on November 30, I want to revisit some of her defining on-screen roles from a stellar six-decade career that...

One Piece Film: RED

It seems that the hype train One Piece after the 1000logs episode will not die down after all. Directly last week before the celebration...

“The Hating Game” Movie Adaptation of Sally Throne’s Novel

The best selling novel by Sally Throne and recently become TikTok sensation, The Hating Game finally have an adaptation movie. Readers' long-awaited request is finally...