Saturday, May 28, 2022

Personal And Business Outsourcing

This is an article about how to navigate the world of personal outsourcing as an entrepreneur or freelancer. It will take you on a...

Stock Investing For Beginners

  By reading this article, you must be interested in either investing in stocks, learning the pros and cons of investing or whether or not...

What is User Experience

  You may have heard of User Experience regarding User Design, User Interface Design, User Research, and how it is relevant to designing products, services,...

OR Rising Costs Force Supermarkets To Offer Customer Discounts.

      As escalating prices impact household finances, Iceland is launching a new discount for buyers over the age of 60.   The supermarket giant said it would...

UNIQLO: The Beginnings of the Japanese Apparel Empire

  UNIQLO is a popular fashion brand that many people are familiar with. UNIQLO has become one of the most well-known and sought-after global companies...

Cross field House Production

  Hello all, I have the privilege of talking to you today about a tremendous company in the entertainment industry in Toronto, Ontario, which has...
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3 Reasons Behind the Shortage of Baby Formula

  Baby formulas provide nutrition for infants to grow and thrive. A lack of baby formula can create serious health risks. Across America, store shelves...

McDonald’s Announces It Is Selling Its Russian Business

  McDonald's has announced it has started the process of selling its Russian business, which includes 850 restaurants that employ 62,000 people.   The fast good giant pointed to the...

Entering 2022: Apple Experiences Bigger Supply Problems

Source: tempo.com   Apple estimates that the company will have bigger supply-related problems due to the Covid-19 lockdown in China, which is a key provider of...

What is Behind The Purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk?

Twitter and the future of interplanetary communication.   In January 2010, astronaut Timothy Creamer tweeted live from space: "Hello Twitterverse! We're LIVE tweeting from the International...

In A Market Swamped With Streaming Services, Netflix’s Loss Of Subscribers Is A Big...

Netflix's first-quarter earnings for 2022 were just disclosed, and they revealed a surprising loss of 200,000 subscribers, a concerning shift for a company that...

Elon Musk Mocks Netflix After Losing 200,000 Subscribers

source cnet.com   Netflix has just announced its financial reports for the first quarter of 2022, and revealed that they are losing customers for the first...

China To Help Shanghai’s Key Industries In Resuming Operations

SHANGHAI, China – As businesses warn of the mounting economic toll of restrictions, China announced on Friday, April 15, that it will help hundreds...

Vegas, Macau…Dubai? Global Casinos Raise Bets On Gulf Gambling

For years, diplomats and executives have been discreetly speculating about it, but now global casino operators are setting their sights on a once-impossible prize:...

Filipino Restaurant Kasama In Chicago Grants First Michelin Star

MANILA, Philippines – What a fantastic feat! Kasama, a Filipino restaurant in Chicago, has just been awarded a Michelin star for its chefs' "creative,...

Cooking Oil Tested To Be Fuel For The Giant Airbus A380

Source kompas.com   The Airbus A380 aircraft completed a test flight powered by cooking oil. The Airbus A380 successfully flew for three hours from Blagnac Airport...

Tony Fernandes Announces AirAsia X Debt Restructuring USD 7.9 Billion

    AirAsia X, the long-haul subsidiary of Malaysian conglomerate Tony Fernandes and Capital A Kamarudin Meranun has finally completed its debt restructuring. They have paved...

BMW Launches Electric Car That Can Travel 526 Km On A Single Charge

Source auto360.id   BMW has just launched their new electric vehicle, the BMW i3 Sedan eDrive35L in China. This new sedan is an electric version of...