Catch the Tears of Themis “Romantic Rail Getaway” Limited Event!

You can still catch the “Romantic Rail Getaway – Treasured Time With Him” in the otome game, Tears of Themis. Tears of Themis is a free-to-play otome game developed by Mihoyo where you get to play the main character who is currently working as an attorney under Themis Law Firm. 


The Romantic Rail Getaway special event is running from February 25 until March 13 at 04:00 (UTC+9) where you can participate in the event and get rewards. During this event, players can choose from 2 romantic love interests – Artem Wing or Vyn Richter – to start their romantic rail trip. 


Upon completing both Artem and Vyn’s Travel Routes, players can obtain rewards such as the “Leisurely Getaway” Badge, 500x S-Chips, Selection Star SR, as well as Artem, and Vyn R cards. 


During the event, the game features include a “Scenic Spot Check-In” where each route has five destinations. When players complete all routes and destinations, players can obtain free event R cards: Artem “Sweet Tastes” and Vyn “Whole New Experience”. 


The second feature is “Travel Diary”, where players can complete Travel Diary tasks to obtain rewards such as Stellin and level-up materials. When the day’s Travel Route story is complete, players can listen to the voice lines as each male love interest lead has 10 total voice lines. 


(Obtainable Event SSR Cards | Source: @TearsofThemisEN Official Twitter Account)

During this event, a special event gacha banner is available where players can roll for limited-event SSR cards. The drop rates are increased for Artem SSR “Sunshine After the Rain” along with Vyn SSR “Food for Thought” in the “Romantic Rail Getaway” banner.

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