Cat Cafes to Visit All Around the World


If you love cats and want to see more adorable breeds while chilling out, then Cat Cafés are the perfect spot to visit alone or with friends!


Even if you’re planning to go alone, you’ll quickly have several felines to accompany and play with! You can even take a quick break by eating delicious snacks and drinks from the café.


Here are popular cat café spots around the world!


Play with Cat Café – Khlong Yong, Thailand



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This cat café located in Khlong Yong, Thailand is spacey with a lot of décors. Not to mention, the space for eating and playing with the cats is separated, which makes a healthy environment for the cats. The play area for the cats is big, so the cats have room to stretch.



Cat Café MoCHA Harajuku – Harajuku, Japan



This cat café is beautifully decorated with a wooden tree fixture and a big open space. The wooden interior also involves cat stands and wooden platforms for cats to play and jump around. You can also give the cats a limited number of treats!



Kopi Cat Café by Groovy – Bintaro, Indonesia



This cat café doesn’t only have cute cats but also serves adorable coffee and late beverages with 3D cat character foam! The interior is also very homey with cute cat pillows and a lot of cat climbers so the cats can play.



Cat Playground – Seoul, South Korea



The café is adorably decorated with little knick knacks and the menu displayed on a blackboard written in chalk, which adds to the homey feel as if you were at home with your pet cats.


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