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Cast Then And Now Peter Pan (2003): Grew Up!


Do you remember them?

Jeremy Sumpter

Jeremy has a role in Peter Pan’s film. Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter continues his career as an action star the famous movie like Clubhouse, The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, An American Crime, etc. In December 2015, he announced that he and Lauren Pacheco engaged to be married but no longer until October 2016.


                                         Rachel Hurd-Wood

Rachel knew from her film roles as Wendy Darling.  Wendy ultimately captures Peter Pan’s attention represent as a young mother figure. Now, she has a happy family with Russ Bain and their kids.


Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaac has a dual role in the film as Captain Hook as the main antagonist and Mr. Darling, Wendy’s father. He is also known as Lucius Malfoy in the first appearing

of Harry Potter. People know his personal life from BBC documentary that he and his girlfriend, Ema Hewitt started living in 1987 before marrying in 2001.


Ludivine Sagnier

Sagnier acts as a fairy named Tinker Bell, the best friend of Peter Pan who lives on the mystical island of Neverland. As a French actress and model, she is a talented woman and had a memorable acting career. Now, she lives as the wife of French film director, Kim Chapiron with her daughters.


George MacKay

George Andrew J.Mackay began his career in Peter Pen as Curly. Curly is one of the lost boys who likes playing pranks and cracking jokes. He looks better day today especially in his good looking.


Harry Newell

Newell appeared as John Darling, Wendy’s brother. He is not seen in entertainment actively but he looks better in adults.


Freddie Popplewell, Olivia Williams, Harry Eden, Theodore Chester


Looks like their face always looks good every time. They all grow up to be righteous and still pretty too.


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