Capsule Wardrobes: What it is and How You Can Adopt It!

With climate change and global warming being ferociously discussed in the GOP26, we cannot ignore how big of a role overconsumption plays in damaging the environment. Some of the most notable industries that are responsible for overconsumption include Food and Fashion.

Fast fashion has become the pinnacle example of overconsumption. With brands like H&M and Zara releasing new looks every couple of weeks, it’s difficult not to get trendy affordable pieces despite their mediocre quality. Therefore, how do we tackle this persisting problem of overconsumption in the fashion industry?

Capsule Wardrobe

A lot of environmental activists push for the idea of Capsule Wardrobes. But what is it exactly and how can you adapt it? Capsule Wardrobes as a whole is a small wardrobe that consists of basic or versatile items that can be used interchangeably creating different looks. There are no rules for a Capsule Wardrobe but on average people usually go for 30 to 40 pieces per season.

These 40 pieces include shoes, coats, formal wear, and accessories. This helps you cut down on buying frivolous items every week and focus on buying one bespoke piece every season. But this does not mean that you can’t still explore bold pieces and colors. A capsule wardrobe does not always mean black, whites and neutrals. As long as your pieces can be repurposed and are versatile enough you can include them for several occasions.

The Method

Some people find it useful to categorize their capsule wardrobes based on activities and events such as activewear, daily loungewear for when you do menial work like going to the groceries or staying home, work clothes, formal wear, and fun like going on dates, concerts or clubbing. You can also categorize your capsule wardrobe based on seasons as well can focus on your outerwear and footwear. Of course, there are no set rules for a capsule wardrobe and you should do whatever feels comfortable for you!

Adopting this method does take some time adjustment period. So, a good way to slowly ease into having a capsule wardrobe could be setting a quota for how many clothes you can buy and how often you purchase new clothing.

Another way can also be setting a small shopping budget monthly. Thrifting is always a good option but just because a piece of clothing is thrifted does not alleviate ethical responsibilities. Saving money on shopping from fast fashion brands can also help you buy and spend money on clothes that are not only ethically responsible but can also give you a bang for your buck in terms of quality.

The current fashion industry moves very quickly. From having 2 to 4 seasons a year to 52 seasons a year is not normal. But we should all try and do our part in reducing global emissions and keep our spending impulses in check. Most garments are not able to get recycled and they, therefore, pile up in landfills. We should all be responsible for our carbon footprint. Despite not being a part of a few clothing trends, classics and wearing clothes you enjoy will save you a lot of money, time, and the planet.

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