Canadian Election Promises


As the electoral elections in Canada draw closer, the parties plan their strategy, the leader of the Liberals, Steven Del Duca, announced the points on which his party will work.

In his plans, he talked about minimum wage and paid sick days. This plan is known as the “plan for economic dignity”. At an event today, he talked about the development of a living wage structure that will correspond to the place of residence around the province.

He also promised that the minimum wage would increase to $16 per hour, starting January 1, 2023. Provided he is elected as Prime Minister.

According to advocates, the region’s living wage could be $22 an hour. In January, the Ontario Conservative government increased it to $15 an hour. For bartenders, it was a nice change as they previously earned $12.55.

The New Democratic Party promised to raise the minimum wage starting Oct. 1, with a chance that by 2026 it will be raised to $20.

The Liberal Party said employers would no longer be allowed to ask for a doctor’s note, and $200 would be handed out as reimbursement to businesses for their absent workers. It is was the promise of 10 sick days for workers in the province.

The Progressive Conservative Party’s slogan is “Get it done.” In their announcement, they said, “Ontario is a province of people who get things done, people who build things, and people who act.”

Del Duca mentioned that if elected, he will also create a benefits package for all. As well as having in his plan to make policies on collaborative economy workers in small businesses. Promised a four-day pilot work week.

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