Can Insects Help Us Live Well?


You bring out your favorite sweatshirt to wear and discover a hole in it made by mildew or moths. You decide to take an evening stroll and get bitten by sun flies or black flies. After a busy day at work, you lay down to rest, and there comes the annoying mosquitoes whirring and buzzing in your ears!????.


Then you begin to wonder, why exactly do these damned little creatures exist?!. “why?!”. They don’t seem to serve any purpose at all. Just bites and nuisance.


However, they actually do serve a purpose(s) on the earth. Scientists have confirmed that every little insect has its importance and is not just flying around singing in people’s ears. They are said to be especially essential in the food chain/web, as they serve as pollinators for plants e.g moths(at night), and some are even eaten as food themselves (crickets and locusts).


So next time you bat at that mosquito or moth, do have it at the back of your mind that they aren’t totally useless.


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