Camila Cabello Reveals Her Beauty Secret And Her Way To Overcome Insecurity


Camila Cabello has just revealed her skincare and make-up routine to Vogue on their Beauty Secrets program on Youtube.


As for Camila, makeup is not just makeup. It is a way for her to explore her creativity and artistic side and also to make her feel better. Since the pandemic hit across the globe, Camila started her healing journey. She joined some therapies and practiced mindfulness. It makes her become more comfortable with herself and feels happy with the smallest thing in her life, including putting on some makeup. Just by simple makeup, she will feel cute, and it becomes the instant serotonin boost that makes her happy throughout the day.


Here are the products that she uses in her daily skincare routine:

  • Cleanser – Osmosis MD Purify Cleanser
  • Face Mist – Osea Sea Vitamin Boost
  • Eye Serum – Osea Eye Gel Serum


She starts her skincare routine by applying a cleanser. She uses Osmosis MD Purify Cleanser and after that, she applies Osea Sea Vitamin Boost as face mist and Osea Eye Gel Serum on her undereye. Osea is one of her favorite skin care brands that she uses often in her routine.


  • Serum – L’Oreal Paris Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Moisturizer – Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream and Osea Advanced Protection Cream
  • Lip Mask – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Camila admits that she rarely exfoliates her skin because just keeping her skin moisturized, really helps her to keep her skin healthy. She uses L’Oreal Paris Hyaluronic Acid serum, followed by Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream and Osea Advanced Protection Cream to moisturize her skin. The Osea Advanced Protection Cream also helps her a lot with her black head. As the last step in her skincare routine, she applies Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask on her lips.


For her make up, she doesn’t really wear a heavy coverage make up since she is living in Miami, hot and humid that won’t be good for a heavy makeup. She calls her make up routine as the ‘out-the-door, quick-as-I-can make up routine’ and yes, just like its name, her make up routine is very simple yet giving a very stunning result.


On the top of her last skincare layer, she applies CC cream/foundation that contains SPF 30. Sunscreen is very important for her since she hates getting sunburnt. Sunscreen also protects our skin from the damage caused by UV-A (aging) and UV-B (burning).


She rarely uses concealer but this time, she applies concealer to her undereye area. After that, she uses Westman Atelier Blush, the stick one that she really loves, on her cheeks and nose, and then she blends it right away. The blush is also used as an eye shadow. She applies the blush to her eyelids and blends it with her finger. The last step for her eye makeup is curling her eyelash and applying L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara. She admits that this mascara has been her favorite one since then.


For the brows, she uses PATRICK TA Brow Lamination Gel since her brows are already perfectly shaped. Next is a highlighter. She uses Dior highlighter on her upper cheeks bone, inner corner of her eyes, the tip of the nose, and philtrum.


Camila loves to combine lip products. This time, she applies a thin layer of L’Oreal Glow Paradise, followed by PATRICK TA gloss, giving a fresh look on her face.


For the last touch, she sets her makeup using PATRICK TA setting spray to make it last longer and flawless.


When Camila was still in Fifth Harmony, she has been through a phase where she suffers from really bad acne that makes her anxious whenever someone is approaching her and taking pictures of her. It really affected her confidence. She then took some laser treatments, and it helped a lot. Since then, she prioritized using skincare more.


Not only acne problem, Camila also felt insecure about her eyes shape because it tilts down. She used to try a lot of eyeliner techniques to make it look symmetric. But look at her now, there is no trace of insecurity left on her. Instead of feeling insecure, now she is more like, ‘what will you do today with it’ since now she looks makeup as a new and fun creative outlet for her.


“Now I’m so much more comfortable with being like, ‘this looks cool with the different shape’. I think having more confidence and being more playful about it and using it as another way of creative and artistic expression changes my relationship with makeup,” she said.


As for inspiration, Camila said that Rihanna is somebody that she looked at the way they do things. In another word, Rihanna is her fashion and make up inspiration. Camila wants to be more open and try more thing, just like Rihanna.


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