Calm Your Nerves With These Tips.


Are you having a bad day?, Caught in a difficult situation? or nervous about something. Not to worry! you can use these simple tips to calm your nerves and cool your body.


  • Take a deep breath or series of deep breaths. Breathing exercises have been confirmed to be a great remedy for nerves. If you’re ever in a situation where you feel like you’re losing it, just breathe. It works like magic you’ll see.


  • Change your focus. This is another brilliant strategy to calm one’s nerves, I must admit. You do this by redirecting your thoughts. Probably to a memory that makes you happy or calm, it’ll depend on the individual. The idea is to divert the attention of the brain and nerves from the cause of anxiety.


  • Listen to Music. “Music is life”, lots of people say. Well, I am no exemption!. I am also of the belief that Music is life. Plug in your earphones and simply drown out your worries. You can as well put on your dancing shoes, and dance away your nerves.


  •  Take a shower or splash water on your face. There isn’t any better soothing feeling than water on the skin. If you’re at home and have the luxury of time, it’ll do you good to soak in a bathtub or stay in the shower for a while. If not, a quick splash of water(cold water preferably) will do.


  • Have a quick bite or treat. Treat your taste buds to something sweet. It could be your favorite candy, a piece of cake, or even ice cream. Just make sure to keep your mouth busy. I mean what better way is there to relieve stress than a sugar rush!.


  • Go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long distance, you can just walk around for a while. It’ll help with proper blood flow to the brain, and reduce anxiety.


Always remember that it is totally normal and fine to be nervous about something. Don’t try to fight it, accept that you’re nervous and work on it. You’ll be fine!.

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