Call of Duty remains available for PlayStation, at least for now

Activision Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft, and the growing nervous among Playstation’s user.

Although Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard, it doesn’t make the Call of Duty franchise departs from PlayStation. The reason of this continuation is because Activision respects all the existing agreements, including with Sony.

Last week, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard on 18 January for $68.7 billion in all-cash deal. This deal is deemed to be the biggest deal in gaming history, After the acquisition, some questions emerged about fate of the future Call of Duty series, whether the series will become Xbox & Windows exclusive or not.

Chris T. (@chiken_VEVO) stated on Twitter that it would be a major blow if PlayStation loses COD, since majority of PlayStation 4 users don’t own a single PlayStation exclusive game. This loss might upset the majority of PlayStation gamers.

An attempt to put out the wildfire

Call of Duty Modern Warfare. ©Activision. (source: gamerant).

IGN stated that there will be three more Call of Duty games that will be released on PlayStation as a realization of the existing agreement with Sony. This news might relieve PlayStation gamers, at least for now.

Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) stated on Twitter that the Call of Duty games that will be released on PlayStation are COD2022, COD2023, and Warzone 2 (in 2023). The fate of the next series are unknown, whether it would be available on PlayStation or not.

Beforehand, PlayStation releases God of War (2018), a reboot of PlayStation-exclusive game series to PC. This would be another major blow to PlayStation. While its competitor Xbox, is trying to expand the number of exclusive games to its console; and Sony expands the number of its ported console-exclusive games to PC.

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