Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Is Back!

It must’ve felt good to read that title. The game will stick to its original name, which will be a reboot of the remastered 2019 modern warfare game, which is to be released later this year on October 28, 2022.


Activision took the time to announce this amazing news to Call of duty fans by taking it onto Twitter with the caption ‘#ModernWarfare2 Ships October 28th.’


The photo above is the official artwork that Activision advertised and placed on a shipping boat, where the boat reached the dock to complete the picture.


The game will be handled by Infinity ward and some details suggest that the campaign story will be about the US special forces who will be fighting against the Colombian drug cartels.


In addition, some reports suggest that Activision is planning on keeping the game multi-platformed, which is great for gamers who can enjoy the game with friends who have different consoles.


When will it be available for pre-order?


It seems like we don’t have a clear indication as to when the game will be available for pre-order. However, there is some information as to the different editions you can buy when pre-ordering.


The key edition will be the ‘standard edition, ‘cross-bundle edition, and ‘Vault edition,’ which will include a season 1 battle pass, 50 tier skip, 10 hours of 2XP tokens, weapon blueprint, and more than 12 operators’ skin.


There is no word on how much each of these editions will cost, so best keep an eye out for any updates. But, considering the prices for the previous bundles, you’re looking somewhere around 50 to 80 pounds.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta


Like all the other games Activision has created for the past decade, they will give the fans an opportunity to test out the game ahead of its release.


Reports suggest the beta will first hit the PS4 and Xbox one before arriving at the Series X/S and PS5.

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