Call Me By Your Name-Inspired Outfits


Call Me By Your Name is a film full of dreamy visuals, and aesthetics creating imagery of peace and lazy summer. If you love Italy or Call Me By Your Name and want to laze around drinking cloudy lemonade and reading this summer, you’ll need to look the part. 


Dressing in outfits inspired by the book-turned-film is simple, it involves flowing fabrics, romantic colors, and floral prints! 



Satin and silk are luxurious-looking materials that make any outfit look elegant. White satin maxi skirts look especially beautiful, paired with a white corset top! Outfits involving white or gold satin, like a satin slip dress, are perfect for lounging by a pool, eating strawberries, and reading books.


Floral Sundresses

The women in the film often wear floral sundresses. Any red, floral mini dress is perfect for channeling your inner Marzia! Some beautiful styles include off-the-shoulder dresses or dresses with cut-out detailing at the top. 


Patterned Shirts

Call Me By Your Name focuses on Elio and Oliver, so channeling more masculine energy works well. Striped button-down shirts and denim shorts are easy outfits that look put-together and casual. Elio wears a red striped shirt, jeans, and a denim jacket; this is easy to recreate and makes a statement wearing double denim.



Co-ords such as crop tops and long skirts are perfect for an Italian dinner and look beautiful in the sun. White linen co-ords paired with red lipstick and nails have an unmatched vibe and ensure you’ll be effortlessly beautiful wherever you go.



Monochromatic colors and prints are an easy way to tie an outfit together. Black and white patterned shirts, such as this line work face print shirt, make a statement and are easy to build an outfit around. You don’t need to worry about matching colors because they are built off of black and white. 

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