Cadbury to Release New Twirl Caramel Bar


Cadbury UK has announced that a new version of their popular Twirl chocolate bar will be released as a limited edition later this year.


The newest addition to the Twirl family comes after the staggering success of the Orange Twirl which was also originally released as a limited edition bar in 2020. This success saw the chocolate treat become a permanent fixture in the Cadbury family, much to the delight of Orange Twirl lovers everywhere. There was even an Orange Twirl Easter egg available for Easter 2022.


Right now, Cadbury is running a social media campaign similar to the one they did for the Orange Twirl for the new Twirl Caramel to promote the product before the official release. There has been no word on the actual date the sweet treat will be available to buy in the shops, but this campaign gives chocoholics the chance to scout out a bar before anyone else.


In order to grab a Twirl Caramel bar, you must like the Tweet posted on the Cadbury UK Twitter account to get notifications, and then work out the riddles you receive to find the hidden adverts posted in various places around the UK. Right now, these adverts are only in 10 cities, so you must be able to travel or live locally in order to successfully complete the hunt.


Once you have located the adverts, you must scan the QR code, retweet the post that comes up, and then you will get your unique code and a link to the website to claim your free chocolate bar. The terms and conditions can be found on the Cadbury website here.


There are 5000 free bars up for grabs and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Get involved and start the search today for eternal bragging rights among your chocolate-loving friends.

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