C4Connect, Pretty Girl RPG “Abandoned Girl” official live broadcast “Thank you for generous love and neglect” will be distributed from 20:00 on March 12 | gamebiz

C4Connect will deliver a live broadcast of the beautiful girl RPG “Abandoned Girl-Hyakka Ryoran no Moehime-tachi” (“Abandoned Girl”) from 20:00 on March 12th, entitled “Thank you for your generous love and neglect.” On the day of the event, Yuma Aoki, Enako, Tekeke, Minori Chihara, and Chisaki Morishita will appear, and Erika Ishitobi, Max Murai, Ayana Taketatsu, Yoshimi Ohara, and Maria Naganawa will appear on VTR. . In addition, we will deliver congratulatory comments from surprise guests!

◆ Program overview

Broadcast date and time
From 20:00 on March 12, 2023

Viewing method
・YouTube Live program viewing page

・Nico Nico Live Broadcasting Program Viewing Page

Appearance (honorifics omitted)

Yuma Aoki

Enako (Idle Girl Official Propaganda Ambassador)

Minori Chihara (role of Grandson Pin)
Chisaki Morishita (role of Hideki Kozuki)

Erika Ishitobi (as Koson San)
Max Murai
Maria Naganawa (Role of Fire)
Ayana Taketatsu (role of Xiahou Yuan, role of new vice-captain)
Yoshimi Ohara (role of Nagatsune)
surprise guest


■ Live broadcast gift campaign

1. Game items will be given to everyone according to the number of RTs!
・ 1,000 RT: original treasure x 300
・ 2,000 RT: original treasure x 500
・3,000 RT: original treasure x 1000
・4,000 RT: Original Treasure x 1000 + 1 5-hour high-speed battle ticket + 5 Lucky Star tickets
・5,000 RT: Original treasure x 1000 + 1 5-hour high-speed battle ticket + 10 Lucky Star tickets

2.6th anniversary congratulatory comments will be given by lottery to those who tweet during the broadcast!

Amazon gift 10,000 yen x 10 people!
After the 3.6th anniversary distribution, a wonderful gift will be presented by lottery from those who tweeted their impressions!
Let’s tweet a lot with the hashtag of #Abandoned Girl Live Broadcasting.

“Idle girl” official Twitter is here

Abandoned Girl Latest Information Open to the Public
Introducing the latest information in the program, including information on the 6th anniversary event of “Idle Girl”!

■ “Abandoned Girl” Voice Actor Guest Corner
Minori Chihara, who plays the role of Mago Pin, and Chisaki Morishita, who plays the role of Ei Kozuki, will appear as guests. There are plenty of attractive projects, such as challenges related to the vice-captains played by the two, and a newly written story for this program.

■ 6th Anniversary Blessing Message VTR
・Erika Ishitobi (as Koson San)
・Max Murai
・Maria Naganawa (Role of Fire)
・Ayana Taketatsu (as Xiahou Yuan, new vice-captain)
・ Yoshimi Ohara (role of Nagano)
・There will be messages from surprise guests, so please look forward to them. !

■ Abandoned girl quiz competition

Check out the knowledge of the neglected girl at the exciting quiz competition. There may be gifts for viewers depending on the number of correct answers?

1 question correct answer: original treasure 300
2 correct answers: original treasure 500
3 correct answers: RMB 800
4 correct answers: original treasure 1000
5 correct answers: Original treasure 1000 + 1 high-speed battle ticket for 5 hours

Regular Enako-san game progress check!
With Enako’s achievement of 500 million forces, the next goal will be decided during distribution.

■ Teteke Manabu Channel
What kind of tips will you offer this time? A lot of content such as advice from the player’s point of view is a must-see.

■ “Idle Girl” 6th Anniversary Fan Art Award Ceremony
The 6th Anniversary Fan Art Award Ceremony for “Idle Girl” will be held again this year. The 6th anniversary fan art work full of love will be announced live in the program.

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