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Bandai Namco Film Works, Bandai Namco Music Live, and Odd Number released an early access version of the new smartphone app “Link! Like! Love Live!” on April 10th. made it clear that In the app, it will be the main place to develop the activities of the virtual school idol “Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club”, which will be developed as a new project in the Love Live! series. It was also announced that the number of pre-registered users exceeded 400,000.


■ Information announced this time
1.“Link!Like! Love Live!” Early access version will be released on April 15th!
2. Members’ first virtual music live “Fes x LIVE” will be held free of charge in the app from 19:00 on April 16th!
3.“Link!Like! Love Live!” Over 400,000 pre-registrations!


■The release date for the smartphone app “Link!Like! Love Live!” Early Access version is set for April 15th!

▼ What is “Link!Like! Love Live!”?
The smartphone app “Link!Like! Love Live!” School idol support activity app. You can “login” to the world of Love Live! from “Link-Like OS” and “support” school idols. The distribution start date of the early access version of the app has been decided on April 15th. In the Early Access version, you can meet the Hasunoku Jogakuin School Idol Club one step ahead. The official release will be announced later.

▼ Distribution start date of the early access version of the application
April 15, 2023

The start time of the service will be announced separately.

◯App Store
◯Google Play

▼ Main application contents of the early access version
1. Story
“Activity record” drawn in full voice and full 3D! The story of girls living their sparkling youth.

2. With x MEETS
Talk is mandatory for school idols!? “With x MEETS” is a regular live broadcast of the members of the “Hanu no Sora Jogakuin School Idol Club”! Together with everyone, the school idol club is struggling every day!

3. Fes×LIVE
“Fes x LIVE” will be distributed “live” nationwide! A sunny stage where the results of the members will come to fruition!


■ Members’ first virtual music live performance “Fes x LIVE” will be held for free in the app from 19:00 on April 16th!

The virtual music live performance “Fes x LIVE”, which will be the first member of “Hasunoku Jogakuin School Idol Club”, will be held free of charge from 19:00 on April 16th within the “Link! Like! Love Live!” App.

▼ Overview of virtual music live
Performance name: “103rd Freshmen Commemorative Live”
Date: Scheduled to start at 19:00 on April 16, 2023
Location: Within the “Link!Like! Love Live!” app (Hanu no Sora Jogakuin Music Hall Live Stage)
Participation fee: Free (You need to install the Link!Like! Love Live! app to participate in the live)
Cerise bouquet
◯ Kaho Hinoshita
◯ Kozue Otomune
◯ Sayaka Murano
◯Tsuri Yugiri


■On April 13, before the release of the “With x MEETS” app, a special live broadcast will be broadcast on YouTube!

Announcements from the members who will be performing live on April 16th will be streamed live on YouTube on April 13th.

▼ YouTube live distribution overview
Delivery name: Announcement of “103rd Freshman Commemorative Live” held at 19:00 on April 16!
Date: April 13, 2023 20:30 Scheduled to be delivered
Delivery URL:
(Hasunoku Jogakuin School Idol Club YouTube Official Channel)


■ “Link!Like! Love Live!” Over 400,000 pre-registrations!

On April 8, 2023, the number of pre-registrations for “Link! Like! Love Live!” exceeded 400,000. You can pre-register by pre-registering on the App Store and Google Play, following the official Twitter, subscribing to the official YouTube channel, and participating in various campaigns.

▼ Pre-registration benefits
15,000 people exceeded 800 SIsCa (achieved)
2. Exceeded 100,000 SR (watercolor world) Kozue Otomune (achieved)
31,500 people exceeded 1200 SIsCa (achieved)
4. Exceeded 200,000 people 1600 SIsCa (achieved)
Over 52,500 SR (AWOKE) Tsuzuri Yugiri (Achieved)
6.30,000 people exceeded 2000 SIsCa (achieved)
74,000 people exceeded 2,400 SIsCa (achieved)
Over 85,000 people UR select ticket

▼ Pre-registration campaign site


■ What is “Hasu no Sora Jogakuin School Idol Club”?

Virtual but real. A youth school drama depicting “now” with girls starts!
Hasunoku Jogakuin School Idol Club is a real-time “school calendar” linked project where you can share your joys and sorrows with them and spend the same youth in the limited time from admission to graduation 365 days a year.

The private Hasunosora Jogakuin is located in a secluded place from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, by the lake where lotus flowers bloom.
This high school is over 100 years old, and traditions handed down from ancient times are still alive today.
Things that don’t change and things that change, things that leave and things that leave behind.
Six girls who live glitteringly in it.
In the limited time, I struggle to bloom as much as possible.
This is their “story that comes true together (School Idol Project)”.

A virtual school idol project that develops in all media, such as smartphone apps, video distribution by members and cast, magazine development, music CD release, and live events.


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© Project Love Live!Hasunoku Jogakuin School Idol Club
©SUNRISE ©2023 Bandai Namco Music Live Inc. ©ODD No.

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