Budget-Friendly Holiday Ideas

Travelling is one of the most important things in life. It teaches us about the world around us, different cultures and ways of living and allows us to let our hair down and relax. 


A lot of people can’t afford to just up and go traveling, however, there are lots of destinations to go that are cheap and can be explored in only a day or two.


If you have a weekend off of work and are unsure what to do, lots of European return flights are super cheap right now! As long as you don’t have a suitcase, you can get a return flight for as little as 20 pounds.



Ryanair currently has cheap flights for Milan! Located in Italy, Milan is fashionable and architectural. There are lots of things to do in Milan that can be done in one day or even a weekend if you have the time. You could visit the Duomo di Milano, which has over 3,500 statues around the temple. Similarly, Pinacoteca di Brera is an art museum above an art school with beautiful artwork!


Milan is a classy city with lots to walk around and see and is perfect for a day trip.



If you haven’t been to Paris, it’s under an hour and a half away from London by plane! Paris can get expensive, but there are so many small cafés to eat croissants and pain au chocolat in. The Eiffel Tower is a must-see and has incredible views of the city from the top. There’s also a boat tour of the Seine river, which passes the Louvre, Notre Dame, and more.



For a sunnier trip, Portugal is hot and perfect for relaxing on the beach and tanning.


loveholidays have budget-friendly 7-day holidays to Algarve from £144 per person!


Algarve is full of beaches and surrounded by golden cliffs, making it a perfectly picturesque scene. It also has various spas, hiking trails, and mountains. Why not take a break from life and relax?

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