BTS’s JIN Breaks Records With ‘Jirisan’ OST

JIN was announced to drop the official theme song for Jirisan back on the 3rd of November. It officially launched last November 7th. 

The OST for the series had snatched a lot of sales and streaming milestones despite not receiving any proper promotions. One of them being: Yours is the first Korean OST to enter Spotify’s Global Chart.

Less than a day after its release, 15 hours after specifically, Yours had already gathered 1.4 million filtered streams on Spotify. This makes it the largest Korean OST premiere since the platform’s inception. 

Though sung in Korean, Yours have swept dozens of sales charts across the globe, once again breaking multiple language barriers. Just two hours after its release, the track rose up to the top of iTunes ranking of at least 50 countries. This is the fastest accumulation for any solo song in the platform’s history.

Yours has had the number one position in 91 countries on the iTunes chart. This makes JIN a rival to Adele’s Easy On Me that is reigning over 95 countries. 

BTS Jin's OST 'Yours' Is A Chartbuster As It Is Set To Surpass Adele's 'Easy  On Me' On Worldwide iTunes Chart, ARMY Can't Help But React! - Trend Buddies

Despite the fact that this is JIN’s debut solo title and the solo title attributed to him on Spotify, he has over 1.4 million monthly listeners. JIN, in addition to being the group’s visual and vocalist, has an incredible aptitude in songwriting, as seen by Soundcloud compositions like as Tonight and Bumzu.

Make sure to give Yours a listen and also some of JIN’s solo tracks on Soundcloud!

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