BTS Turned Las Vegas Into PURPLE! Here’s Why


BTS and BTS ARMYs are flooding Las Vegas due to the band’s upcoming shows, Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas that will be held on April 8, 9, 15, and 16.


Different from the previous shows in Los Angeles and Seoul, PTD on Stage in Las Vegas will turn the whole city into Purple or the BTS ARMYs called it Borahaefication of Las Vegas. Purple has been well-known as the band’s color since BTS’ V redefined the color during their fan meeting event, Muster 2nd in 2016. V also introduced the term ‘Borahae (보라해)’, which comes from 사랑해 or ‘I love you’ in Korean and ‘Bora’ from the word 보라색 or ‘purple’ in Korean. Since then, purple has always been the band’s unofficial color.


Las Vegas is the first city featured in Permission to Dance The City where the fans can enjoy BTS-related entertainment all over the city. Starting from merchandise store, concert after-party, cafes, to BTS-themed room is included in this event.


Here is the schedule for the event.

Even the Las Vegas’ verified Twitter account join the euphoria by tweeting the latest info about the event and changing its display name into Borahaegas⁷.



Although the first concert is on April 8, the BTS ARMYs already flooding the city since earlier this week and the city itself already turned purple. Let’s take a look into what happened in Las Vegas over the past few days!





This is just the beginning. The fun has just started. Let’s look forward to what will happen in Las Vegas over the next 2 weeks.


You also can enjoy Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas – Online Streaming on April 16. Click here for more info regarding the ticket sales!

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