BTS Set to Meet With President Joe Biden

One of the most popular Korean boy bands, BTS (Bangtan Boys), is set to make history by joining American President Joe Biden at the White House.


The White House issued an official statement on the upcoming meeting between BTS and US President Joe Biden on May 26th. On May 31st, the band will appear at the White House to commemorate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.


The seven members will speak about anti-Asian hate crimes and prejudice to raise awareness in the U.S. They will be the first K-pop group to be invited to the White House by American President Joe Biden, demonstrating how far BTS has come since their debut in 2013.



The White House – Official Statement

This is a big honor in and of itself, but it’s made much more spectacular by the fact that they will be doing it on behalf of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) across the United States.


BTS has great popularity among AAPI youth as a prominent music group with an enormous effect on their followers – many of whom are young people. In recent years, their musical star status, paired with their social activities and the establishment of an “ARMY,” has drawn international notice. BTS, being one of the most popular groups in pop culture today, appeals to a diverse range of racial identities, further demonstrating their influence on the AAPI.


This meeting is a huge step not just for BTS but for Asians all across the United States. It represents all of them breaking through the glass ceiling and being accepted by American society for who they truly are.

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