BTS’ RM Talked About BTS Future Plans, New Music, And Even Friendship Tattoo!


Right after the first day of Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas, BTS’ RM stopped by on VLIVE to do a live broadcast. It was a common situation whenever BTS have a show abroad, they will come online right after the show to say hi to their fans and share their thoughts regarding the show or just give an update about their days there.


This time, RM went online on April 8 right after he got into the hotel. Even his makeup was still on although it was all smudged and he apologized for that (but he still looked amazing tho..)


Although he said that he stopped by just to say hi but he ended up talking about almost everything for more than half an hour. Here is the highlight of RM’s VLIVE on Friday (08/04, PT).


Thoughts on the GRAMMYs

BTS was nominated as the Top Pop Duo/Group Performance for Butter at the GRAMMYs but ended up losing. They have been addressing this thing a lot since then. They admitted that they were sad and even cry, but it was for one day because who doesn’t cry when they were losing something?


On the VLive, RM talked about their future plan after their second loss at the GRAMMYs.


He continued that they planned to participate more on their album in the means of lyrics, melodies, and arrangement, and someday they want to do it all by themselves.



But we all know, that ARMYs know that BTS has always been participating a lot in the making of their album and their solo works (mixtape, playlist). SUGA, RM, and j-hope are credited in almost all of their songs since they always write their rap by themselves.


Their latest album, BE, is also produced by them even Jungkook was the director of the music video for the title track, Life Goes On. V was the visual director and Jimin was the project manager for the album. Jin, RM, j-hope, and SUGA also participated in planning the album visual and the overall album. Telepathy is a song that is produced and written by SUGA. Stay was written by Jungkook and Blue & Grey was written by V. These are just small examples of how BTS has been actively participating in their works.


People are asking RM to make things bigger!

During his Vlive after PTD on Stage in Los Angeles, RM and Jungkook were eating Korean cup noodles and RM wished that the noodle company would make a bigger portion of the noodle. Not long after that, we heard from the noodle company that they will release a 1.2x version of the noodle that RM ate during that Vlive.


Since then, RM said that a lot of people are requesting him to ask for a bigger size of other foods.



Will RM get a tattoo?

This topic has been talked a lot since BTS’ V previously mentioned about having a friendship tattoo with the other 6 members on Weverse.


RM said that he planned to have one back then. He even already has the sketch but he turned it down.



“I just canceled it, because I was afraid. Because I am kind of in a rush guy. I really get sick of things very fast. So, if I have a tattoo, I was afraid that I was going to be sick of it. ‘Ah, I don’t this some stuff on my arm no more,’ I’m going to hate it. So that’s why I didn’t have any tattoos.”


But afterward, he continued that he was still open to it.


“I’m still open, though. I can have tattoos someday. But, after I get more in shape later.”


Will RM have new songs this year?

This has always been the most awaited thing about BTS. Songs, music.


RM said that he is currently working on music a lot for his solo works and BTS album. He collaborated with a lot of artists for his future mixtape/playlist and wished to release it within this year.


It was the second time RM addressed the release of his mixtape after previously saying it on Weverse.



He also shares about his Pokemon sticker hunting journey that must be postponed due to his abroad schedule. The broadcast was chill but lively at the same time. He hummed to Bicycle and Outro: Her in between the talks, making it feel like a group of friends who talk about their days—light, fun, but meaningful.


The 30 minutes passed by like a blink of light. RM ended the broadcast wishing that BTS will meet with ARMYs from all around the world and until then, let’s stay safe and healthy.


Watch the full version of the Vlive here!  The English subtitle is now available.

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