BTS’ RM Gets Candid About the Pressures of Success

As BTS takes a break from official duties, Vogue Korea has now released a set of interviews, with RM getting candid as he reflects on their career.

The 27-year-old was well aware of time and age as he shared his thoughts.

“I can be honest about my emotions when it comes to the visual arts. Because with music, it can get hard if you start to feel jealous of other musicians.”

“There are so many outstanding musicians, and there’s always an endless stream of new artists.”

He noted the appeal of the former as he wants “to have the longevity that painters do.”

‘There are painters who hold their first exhibition when they’re 40, and there are painters who don’t sell a single work until they’re 60,” he explained.

The superstar compared this to his own career.

“I debuted at 20 [by Korean reckoning], and I’m being told that I represent the nation at age 28, and I’m already being asked questions about what my next step is,” he said.

The pressure doesn’t stop there for RM.

“I’m struggling, too…the expectations that other people and I myself have of me are too high.”

“Even if I work in an entirely different field in the future, people will expect me to accomplish something, and I might not be able to live up to those expectations,” he revealed.

Despite these worries, he still finds room for positivity alongside BTS’ other members: J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, and V.

“Some people say it’s more important to focus on the present than your dreams. They’re right, and I relate to their point. It’s not good for society to pressure people to have a dream, but dreams are important too. I hope that lots of people still hold onto that young boy or girl deep in their hearts who believes in hard work and hope.”

RM concluded with a sweet mentality.

“I believe that everyone is born for a reason. I hope that everything I do leaves behind something meaningful.”

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