BTS Released The Music Video Teaser For The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

BTS debuted the first teaser for their forthcoming music video “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” on Tuesday. Although the best is yet to come, each of the Bangtan Boys looks in the 35-second film recall one of the group’s previous music videos as they stand in a sandy desert under a clear blue sky.


A wind-ruffled RM glances down the camera through a pair of sunglasses as mountains far away in the distance. Suga appears on a red piano in a hat similar to the one he wore in 2014’s “War of Hormone,” while V is dressed in a suit and clutching a single red rose.


Meanwhile, Jimin is dressed in a blue shirt that complements the look of 2017’s “Spring Day.”


The music plays as the camera zooms in on Jungkook, giving ARMY their first taste of the track, which features the septet chanting, “The best moment is yet to come.” Naturally, “Yet To Come” and “YETTOCOMEMVTEASER1” became top trending topics on Twitter after the teaser was released, with fans expressing their enthusiasm for the expected release. This video received thousands of YouTube views and hundreds of comments in a matter of minutes.


“My heart skipped several beats after seeing this. Jungkook’s vocals at the end are heavenly. Additionally, their looks. It’s celestial, ethereal, and ineffable,” A ARMY said after watching the teaser for the upcoming music video that will be released on June 10th.

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