BTS’ Proof CD 3 being ‘CD-Only’: an Epitome of Intimacy between BTS and BTS ARMYs


The last tracklist of BTS’ upcoming album ‘Proof’ was revealed on May 11 at midnight KST.


‘Proof’ is an anthology album by BTS that will be released on June 10, 2022, remarking their ninth year of existence in the music industry. The album consists of 3 CDs with a total of 48 tracks, including 3 all-new tracks.



Different from the first 2 CDs, all tracks in CD 3, except ‘For Youth’, will not be available in the digital form. In other words, the fans only can enjoy the tracks by playing the CD.


According to the press release, CD 3 is dedicated to ARMY. It is full of unreleased songs, demo tracks, and special performance tracks. A new song titled, ‘For Youth’ is included in CD 3. ‘For Youth’ is a new fan song expressing BTS’ affection and gratitude to their fans. It is believed that CD 3 is not available in digital format because BTS wants to give a more intimate moment with the BTS ARMYs through this CD. The demos and unreleased songs reflect the rawness of their musicality, the other side of BTS that only BTS’ ARMYs can see and understand. Before this, BTS has been releasing CD-only tracks, ‘Sea’ and ‘Path’ in their previous albums.


Besides ‘For Youth’, there are two other song titles that have never been heard before, which are track number 2, ‘애매한 사이’ (unofficially translated as ‘Young Love’), and track number 4, ‘따옴표’ (unofficially translated as ‘Quotation Mark’). It might be not a new song since there are only three songs on the album, ‘Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, ‘Run BTS’, and ‘For Youth’ so these two songs might be another demos or unreleased songs.


The next ‘Proof’ promotional content—‘Proof of Inspiration’—will be shared from May 17 to May 23 and the album will be released on June 10.

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