BTS’ ‘Proof’ CD 2 Tracklist: Specially Curated by the Members


BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled BTS’ ‘Proof’ CD 2 Tracklist on May 10 at midnight KST.


CD 2 is filled with previously released solo and subunit songs from BTS and a new track are also spotted as the first track of CD 2.



달려라 방탄 or translated as ‘Run BTS’ is previously known as BTS’ variety show that can be enjoyed for free by the fans on VLIVE or Weverse. After announcing its hiatus, the fans are surprised to see the ‘comeback’ of Run BTS but as a new track on ‘Proof’. To date, there is no information regarding what the track sounds like, but the fans are speculating that the track will be a fun-themed one like BTS’ previous songs such as Attack on Bangtan and Boyz with Fun.


According to the press release, each track of CD 2 is curated individually by the members. It reflects each member’s different color and musical taste and how these altogether form BTS charm. Each member chose one solo song and one subunit song to be featured on the album.


It is expected that the member chose the song on the tracklist in order from RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. So, RM chose Intro: Persona and Stay (a subunit song with Jungkook and Jin), Jin chose Moon and Jamais Vu (a subunit song with Jungkook and Jin), SUGA chose Trivia: Seesaw and BTS Cypher PT. 3: KILLER (a subunit rap song with RM and j-hope), j-hope chose Outro: Ego and HER (a subunit song with RM and SUGA), Jimin chose Filter and Friends (a subunit song with V), V chose Singularity and Zero O’clock (a vocal line subunit song), and finally Jungkook chose Euphoria and Dimple (a vocal line subunit song).

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