BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas Day 1 & 2 Recap!


BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas Day 1 & 2 on April 8 and 9 is done. It was a blast, just like every other BTS concert.


PTD on Stage in Las Vegas has a similar setlist to the LA and Seoul one but there is a slight difference from each concert regarding the encore song.


The concert started with ON followed by Fire and Dope. The first segment ended with DNA. During PTD on Stage in Los Angeles, their outfit for the first segment was an all-greyish white outfit but it was changed during PTD on Stage in Seoul into the red and white outfit and remained the same for Las Vegas.


BTS’ first segment outfit (picture credit to @bts_bighit)


The second segment started with Blue & Grey. The ballad song had the same setting as the previous two concerts. There are 7 mirrors in front of each member. At first, they were facing the mirror while singing and as the song went by, they were turned to the audience. The transition between Blue & Grey and the next song—Black Swan remains majestic. Not only the performance, but the music and melody transition was very smooth with the matching vibe for both songs.


The outfit for this segment was an all-black outfit but with a different design with the LA and Seoul ones. The next three segments had three different sets of outfits from the previous concert giving a fresher look to the audience.


Jungkook on his new black outfit (picture credit to @IDAREU_JK)


Since this time’s concert is still part of the Permission to Dance on Stage concert series, BTS’ energy and stage presence always getting better and better at each concert. The same setlist never gives the same experience. There will always be something that makes every concert—no matter what song they sing—different and unique, giving different experiences from each concert. That’s why a lot of people come to all days of the concert because BTS always delivers much beyond the expectation.


BTS Jin who was reported to not be able to perform much choreography regarding his hand injury surprisingly gave the best of him during the concert. He participated in a lot of choreography that does not require a heavy hand movement and the energy was unmatched! If someone who doesn’t know about his condition saw him during the concert, they would not expect that Jin was still recovering from an injury because his energy during the concert was out of the world.


Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas is concluded today, April 16. Stay tuned to find out the recap of days 3 & 4!

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