BTS’ New Webtoon Series ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’

BTS will have a new webtoon series titled 7Fates: CHAKHO.

The news of BTS’ new webtoon series was already revealed last year on November 4th through HYBE Corporate Briefing. On the briefing, HYBE, in conjunction with NAVER Webtoon, made the Super Casting project, where HYBE‘s artists will collaborate to create original stories.

7Fates: CHAKHO is one of the works for the Super Casting project, in collaboration with BTS. Previously, BTS had released a webtoon series in 2019 titled Save MeSave Me works as the prologue for BTS Universe (BU) series. 

Unlike Save Me7Fates: CHAKHO is an urban fantasy genre set in a city of the near future. ‘CHAKHO’ in the title derived from ‘chakhogapsa‘, a term for the tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.

In the video teaser of 7Fates: CHAKHO, shown in the HYBE Corporate Briefing, the new webtoon series is a re-interpretation of the mythology stories of bears and beom (tiger) and traditional Korean beom tales.


7Fates: CHAKHO will tell the story of seven boys bound by fate, who grow and go through trials and tribulations together, and figuring why they must be seven and what their destiny holds. The characters are made based on BTS but with fictional names and characteristics.


On January 8th, along with the first concept photo, 7Fates: CHAKHO Twitter account revealed the characters’ names. Jungkook as Zeha, Jimin as Haru, RM as Dogeon, Jin as Hwan, j-hope as Hosu, V as Jooan, and Suga as Cein. 

Last Tuesday (12/01), BTS provided a summary of their characters in a brief video;

  • Zeha is half-human and half-beom (tiger) who hunts beom using his tiger power. He must hide the fact he is half-tiger since everyone hunt beom for a bounty. 
  • Haru is not a human but the rock that guarded the gate to the world of beom. He has the qualities of a master.
  • Dogeon is a crime expert whose life was hard, but he survived. He refuses to join the Chakho team at first, believing he can work on his own, yet keep running on them, so he thinks it’s must be a fate for them to meet.
  • Hwan is an ordinary archer who becomes a beom hunter after losing his family to a beom. He is playful and mischievous but becomes serious when hunting. 
  • Hosu is kidnapped by a beom and has to do something terrible to survive in the beom‘s den.
  • Jooan is an unbiased, caring, compassionate person that can love beyond species. He entangles in a forbidden love as he falls in love with a beom.
  • Cein was almost got eaten by a beom but survived. He is traumatized by it and feels lost until he meets the rest of the Chakho team.

7Fates: CHAKHO will be released on January 15th. There also will be an OST produced by Suga and sung by Jungkook. Stay tuned for both the webtoon and the OST!

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