BTS’ New Single ‘Yet to Come’ Will Be Released On June 10.


After the unveiling of their upcoming album ‘Proof’ logo on May 5 (KST), BTS just announced the lead single of ‘Proof’ that will be released on June 10 with the title, ‘Yet to Come’.


The anthology album ‘Proof’ is reported to have three all-new tracks in it and ‘Yet to Come’ is confirmed to be one of them. On May 7 at 12 a.m. KST, BIGHIT Music shared the ‘Proof’ promotional schedule (or also referred to as comeback map before) along with the lead single cover via Twitter.



The lead single titled, ‘Yet to Come’ comes with a blue and white cover with a description ‘(The Most Beautiful Moment)’ on it. The term ‘The Most Beautiful Moment’ is a very well-known term among the fans since previously in 2015, BTS released a mini album titled, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt.1’ which then became one of the most unforgettable eras of BTS or also known as 花樣年華 or in Hangul, 화양연화 (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, HYYH).



The BTS ARMYs are surprised by this announcement and begin to connect the dots that they have been collecting for the past months.  Lately, BTS has been referring to the HYYH era a lot on every possible occasion, such as RM suddenly posting some photos from the HYYH era, their Grammy performance exhibits HYYH concept photos, the PTD on stage VCR that showed the same vibe as HYYH era videos, and so on.



The tracklist of ‘Proof’ will be unveiled starting from May 9 to 11 and the promotion will continue from May 17 until the release of the album on June 10, 2022.


Here is the full promotional schedule of BTS ‘Proof’.


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