BTS’ Jungkook Changes His Instagram Username


ARMY’s were shocked as BTS member Jungkook recently changed his iconic Instagram username on Wednesday (16/03).


Previously, Jungkook’s username Instagram consisted of a unique although quite a lengthy combination. From “@abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz” into a more concise “@jungkook.97”.


Jungkook’s former username included the whole alphabet, excluding his initials “JK” from his name “Jungkook”, which were replaced with two underscores. His new username consists of his name along with the last two numbers from his birth year, 1997.


The shock from the change of Jungkook’s username led the hashtag “#abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz” to trend at #8 trending topics worldwide.


Other than his username, ARMY’s were also shocked at the year that Jungkook joined his Instagram. By checking the “about this account” tab on Instagram, users can check information such as the date that the account was created.


Surprisingly, Jungkook’s account was created way back from March 22, 2016 – to 6 years ago! While the other member’s Instagram accounts were created from around November-December in 2021.



As we give a moment of silence to Jungkook’s old yet beloved username, here are all the 7-member’s usernames!


1. RM (@rkive)

From the word archive, RM seamlessly came up with the smart play-on word – including the first letter from his initials.


As expected from the leader-rapper’s smart play-on-words that are usually written in his lyrics and songwriting.


2. Jin (@jin)

Straightforward like his personality, Jin’s username consists of his stage name. It’s a wonder how he got the username.


3. Suga (@agustd)

Instead of using his stage-name (Suga) or his real name (Min Yoongi), Suga opted for his alter stage-name “Agust D” which he used way back before debuting as Suga in BTS.


4. J-Hope (@uarmyhope)

J-Hope sweetly put ARMYs into his username alongside his name, giving a double meaning of his iconic catchphrase “I’m your hope, J-Hope” (hope) and ARMY’s next to each other.


5. Jimin (@j.m)

Although Army would expect Jimin to put his usernames like “Chim Chim”, Jimin coolly put his initials from his name as his username – which also works!


6. V (@thv)

As expected, V put his username in a combination of his real name (Taehyung) and his stage name (V).


7. Jungkook (@jungkook.97)

As mentioned before, the youngest member of BTS put his name (Jungkook) and his birth year (1997) as his username.


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