BTS’ Jin Will Not Participate Fully In PTD On Stage Las Vegas


BTS’ four days sold-out concerts in Las Vegas will start on Friday (08/04, PT), and BIGHIT Music—BTS’ agency—just released a notice regarding BTS’ Jin’s participation during the concert.


Jin’s participation in choreography and stage performance will be limited to a certain extent because of his post-surgery recovery condition.


Previously on March 19, Jin went to surgery for his left index finger due to partial damage to the tendon. The medical personnel advised Jin to refrain from vigorous movement as any impact on his finger due to the number of activities increased more than necessary may cause another surgery. Since the surgery, Jin has been appearing on several occasions with a cast on his hand to protect the fingers during recovery.


During the BTS performance at the GRAMMYs, Jin only participated in the second half of the choreography meanwhile from the beginning he was participating in the skit as the cyber personnel. Later, on their post-performance VLive, Jin explained that he wants to perform but the circumstance didn’t allow him to do so. But the other members comforted him and praised him for his professionalism to perform although he was still recovering.


In today’s announcement that is released by BIGHIT Music, it is also stated that Jin strongly wished to participate in the performance in full but the company has decided to follow physician advice and minimize Jin’s movements during the concert on April 8, 9, 15, and 16 as the health and safety of the artist has always been the company’s highest priority.


Jin will still participate in the concert but will not participate in the stage choreography fully, just like what V has done before on Permission to Dance on Stage Online in October 2021 when he was suffering from a leg problem.


We are wishing Jin a speed and complete recovery so that we will see him perform full choreography in the future. Get well soon, Jin!

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