BTS J-Hope Solo Debut Album ‘Jack in the Box’

BTS J-hope will have an official solo debut with Jack in the Box. J-hope’s solo debut marks the start of BTS’ Chapter 2.


j-hope jack in the box official photo
Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

Previously on June 14th, BTS announced they would take a break from doing group activities in the meantime. The group decided a necessary break was needed as the members had felt burned out for the past two years.


Although the group is on break, the members are currently working on their music for the solo project. BTS hoped these individual works would help them broaden BTS’ style and creativity.



Previous Releases 

J-hope had released his works before this solo debut. His first mixtape, Hope World, was released in 2018. Despite being a free mixtape, j-hope’s Hope World peaked at #38 on Billboard 200, making him the first Korean soloist in the top 50.


In September 2019, j-hope collaborated with Becky G for Chicken Noodle Soup. With this song, j-hope became the first BTS member to debut on Billboard Hot 100 chart.


You can check out j-hope’s first mixtape on SoundCloud.



Jack in the Box Album Details

According to BIGHIT MUSIC, the album represents j-hope’s aspirations to break the mold and grow further.


J-hope’s solo album Jack in the Box will be released on July 15th. This album will be in digital format, so instead of CD, there will be a QR code for the digital album.


j-hope more concept photos
Image Source: BTS Official Instagram

On Tuesday (28/06) and Wednesday (29/06), BIGHIT MUSIC revealed concept photos for j-hope’s pre-release track titled MORE. The song is an old-school hip-hop genre, according to Korean Media.


MORE by j-hope just released today! Stream and watch the Music Video!


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