BTS Holds ‘PTD On Stage’ Seoul, Here’s Everything That Happened


On Thursday, (10/3) BTS just held their first day of the ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ – Seoul Concert. All 7-members of BTS performed live on stage in Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. 


Due to strict COVID-19 prevention protocols, ARMYs who watched the concert live were strictly prohibited to clap, stand up, and scream during the whole duration of the concert, as stated by the agency.


Big Hit provided clapper instruments for ARMYs to use, instead of clapping with their hands. The offline concert will also be streamed online for ARMYs around the world to enjoy.


Here are the things that happened during the concert!


Suga’s birthday celebration

Other than performing songs on stage, the 6-members of BTS celebrated Suga’s birthday with ARMYs – which was on the 9th of March – by singing him birthday songs.

Throwing it back to old songs

BTS made sure to bring back nostalgia by performing old beloved songs during their earlier eras; such as “BAPSAE”, “DOPE”, “Blood Sweat Tears”, and “FIRE”.


The member’s chaotic and fun energy

Although BTS is known for having a huge stage presence for their performances, they also showed their fun and goofy side during the concert!


Jimin’s new tattoo

ARMYs also get to see a peek of Jimin’s new tattoo, which seems to be a crescent moon on the back of his nape.



Iconic and memorable performances

Of course, BTS executed amazing performances that ARMYs watching will remember forever – like Jungkook’s Highnote during the “ON” performance.


Is there anything else that you spotted during the concert?

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