BTS Has Arrived in South Korea, But Where is RM?


After spending three weeks in Las Vegas for the GRAMMYs and four sold-out Permission to Dance on Stage concerts, BTS finally returned to South Korea on Monday (18/04, PST).


The Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas concluded the concert series and marked the end of the Permission to Dance era since at the end of day 4, BTS announced their upcoming new album that will be released on June 10th, 2022. Just one day after the final concert, BTS returned to South Korea. Before their departure, BTS’ V uploaded some Instagram Stories, showing him in front of the plane entrance.



The band arrived in South Korea on Tuesday morning (19/04, KST) but one member is missing. RM was not there with his fellow band members at Incheon Airport’s international arrival.


According to Korean media, all members already completed their U.S. schedule, except RM. It is expected that RM still working on his upcoming mixtape release.


RM has been mentioning his upcoming solo work several times on Weverse and during his VLive. He also often posts some Instagram Stories, showing him working at his studio until past midnight. However, there is still no official statement regarding RM’s schedule in the U.S.



After the release of this news, ‘RM3 IS COMING’ was trending on Twitter. RM3 is a term that BTS ARMYs made for RM’s upcoming mixtape since it will be his third one after RM (2015) and mono (2018). Previously, RM stated that his upcoming mixtape (or he usually calls it a ‘playlist’) will feature some collaborations with interesting and unexpected artists.



The BTS ARMYs begin to speculate about the possible artist to be featured on RM’s upcoming mixtape while waiting for the day when the official announcement is finally released.

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