BTS’ Grandiose ‘Butter’ Performance At The GRAMMY: Watch It Here!


Live from the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards, BTS has just performed their global smash hit single, Butter with a never-seen-before choreography.


After their last show in Permission to Dance on Stage Seoul on March 2022, the BTS’ ARMYs have been waiting for BTS performance on the GRAMMYs today (03/04). Before the show, there are a lot of rumors speculating about the song that will be performed by the band. Some said they will perform ‘ON’, some said they will perform a medley of their songs, and many more.


Today we finally watched them performing ‘Butter’.


People think that there is no more innovation that could be done by BTS in performing Butter since they have been performing that song a lot with various choreography, production, and remixes.


And once again, BTS proved everyone wrong.


Delivering the ‘criminal-themed’ performance, the scene started with Jin in the computer room, finding a way for their friends to break in through the target. Followed by Jungkook going down from the ceiling and the camera began to shoot the member one by one.


Jungkook’s entrance to the GRAMMY stage (picture credit to @TVGuide)


The iconic Butter dance break was delivered differently this time. No word could describe how amazing it was. Watch it here!


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