BTS: First Asians in AMA’s Grand Prize Nomination

Year-end means the awards season has come!

Being the most popular group today, BTS is no longer an unfamiliar face in awards nominations, especially in U.S shows. They entered the U.S awards show as a nomination in 2017 when they were nominated in Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist category and also managed to win that. Since then, BTS has become a regular in the social and duo/group nomination.

American Music Awards announced this year nominations on October 28th, through their official Twitter account. It was a new sight to see BTS nominated in Artist of The Year, as the grand prize category is commonly be filled with western artists.


(BTS & Megan Thee Stallion – image source:

Although BTS has won numerous Grand Prize Awards in Korean Awards shows since they got their first in 2016 with Album of The Year, it is their first time being nominated for the Grand Prize category in the U.S awards show. They also became the first Asian act in the said category as a nomination.

American Music Awards or also be called AMAs, is something special place for BTS. In 2017 AMAs, BTS first performed in the U.S music awards show with their brand new song at the time, “DNA”.

Unfortunately, after then they were unable to perform for the show because of their world tour schedules and the pandemic happening in 2020. Until the AMAs announced this year, BTS will perform their Butter Remix song with Megan Thee Stallion on November 21st in Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles.

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