BTS Comes Back With “Yet To Come”


Worldwide superstars, BTS, come back with a new single, ‘Yet To Come’, the title track of their anthology album Proof.


BTS Proof Group Photo Teaser
Image source: Big Hit Music


Eleven months since their latest single, Permission to Dance, BTS finally comes back with a new album. This album is a ‘proof’ of BTS’ nine years of work as a musician.


There are 48 songs on the Proof album, including title tracks of BTS’ previous albums, each member’s selected past released songs, and five new songs; Yet To ComeRun BTSFor YouthYoung Love, and Question Mark. Read here to see the full tracklist of BTS’ new album. 


In a Naver article, RM shared that the Proof album will conclude the first chapter of BTS, implying the group’s best moment is yet to come as we are just at the beginning of BTS’ story. 


Comeback Promotion


After two years of promotion absence, BTS is back promoting the group’s new release on South Korean music programs. BTS will be promoting Yet To Come on Music BankMCountdown, and Inkigayo next week.


BTS and ARMY can see each other again as the South Korean government had permitted live audiences in music shows and lifted the ‘no shout’ ban.




Yet To Come became the first song to debut on Melon Top 100 after Melon rebranded its chart in under 24 hours after its release (an hour, to be exact). The music video had surpassed 20 million views in five hours.


The Proof album had sold over 2 million copies on Hanteo on the first day of the album’s release.


Stream Proof album on Spotify and watch Yet To Come music videos now on YouTube!


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