BTS Bon Voyage: Six Countries Story in Four Seasons


Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Business Proposal, Thirty-Nine. A lot of K-drama is ending this week. The next slots for the new K-drama start next week and you have no idea what you should watch during your leisure time. If you are currently experiencing this kind of feeling, this is the right place to go because we will give you a recommendation.


BTS Bon Voyage. It is a reality show by the Korean boyband, BTS during their journey abroad. There are 4 seasons in total and each season consists of 8 episodes (plus 8 episodes of behind the camera and some season includes commentary from the band member). Each season has a different theme and challenge that should be done by the band members. For example, in season 1, they only had several hours to prepare for their departure and they had to take care of all airport itineraries by themselves.


Season 1 aired in 2016 and took place in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. One word that would describe the first season of this reality show best is ‘raw’. Everything was raw since it was their first experience shooting this show. The highlight of this season is the missing of BTS members’ belonging. Yes. You read it right. Bon Voyage season 1 is all about losing and finding their belongings. Even RM had to return to South Korea because he lost his passport which made him not able to continue the journey. Just like us during our first trip abroad, it must be hectic and tiring, right?



The show is getting much and much better. Season 2 aired in 2017 and took place in Hawaii, United States. Starting from this season, they present each place nicely. Everything about Hawaii that you could ever imagine is included in season 2. Surfing, night pub, swimming with the shark, afternoon strolling, and so on. Watching this season will make you feel like you have the best summer ever.



Season 3 aired in 2018 and took place in Malta, Europe. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of Malta through season 3. The architecture and neighborhood scream Europe all over the corner. BTS went to museums, enjoyed sea activity, experienced dinner in the sky, and so on. If I could say, this season was the funniest among all, and BTS’ Jin was the spotlight stealer this season. Why? You can find it out by yourself!



The latest season is season 4 which aired in 2019 and took place in New Zealand during the transition from fall to winter. In this season, the band member was completely a pro. They got everything under control and no more losing belonging. If you are looking for travel references where you can do a lot of outdoor activity, this season will give you a lot of inspiration. The beauty of New Zealand’s nature is perfectly captured in each episode.



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