BTS Announces The Name Of Their New Single “Yet to Come” (The Most Beautiful Moment)



It is finally happening. The two-time Grammy nominees BTS, have revealed the title and cover art for their lead track “Yet to Come” off the upcoming anthology album PROOF. Throughout May and June, they will tease their fans with concept photos, music video teasers, and more, according to their comeback schedule. “Yet to come” will be available on June 10th, along with their whole album.



The anthology album will include songs from the group’s past as well as three new songs for ARMYS to enjoy. “The Most Beautiful Moment” was a trio of BTS albums, referred to as the iconic HYYH era. This era was a significant time for BTS and ARMY due to the songs’ deep messages, storylines, and iconic songs like “I Need U” which gained BTS exposure and their first ever music show win.


An ARMY tweeted “Even though I’ve been a fan since 2018, I do feel like I’ve been growing up with BTS, esp since we’re all about the same age & there’s just something so comforting about them saying the most beautiful moment in life is “yet to come” as we approach the end of our 20s/to start our 30s” expressing their thoughts on how society makes people believe when they get older, their youth also fades. However, this BTS comeback provides many fans with optimism and hope that the most beautiful moments in life are still ahead of them, regardless of their age.

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