British Ambassador: Ukraine Refuses To Become A Russian Colony


The British Ambassador to Indonesia, Owen Jenkins, again spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The issue of Russian colonialism and imperialism was also highlighted.


Russia’s attack on Ukraine was considered not as expected because it faced strong resistance from the Ukrainian people. The British ambassador said President Putin thought the invasion would go smoothly.


“It faced fierce, organized, and persistent resistance because Ukraine did not want to become a Russian colony. Russian imperialism, which we see openly exhibited in Ukraine, is unacceptable in Ukraine, or the world today,” said British Ambassador Owen Jenkins in an official statement.


Ambassador Owen Jenkins also highlighted when Russia attacked 80 Ukrainian refugees sheltering in a mosque. Previously, Arab News and Al Jazeera also reported on the incident.


WHO also noted that at least 43 health facilities were affected by the Russian attack.


“Indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilians are tantamount to war crimes,” the British ambassador said.


violates the UN charter


The British Ambassador also reminded me that every country has territorial integrity. Russia’s actions are considered to have violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine.


In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, then Russia claimed that the Donestk and Luhansk regions had become independent from Ukraine, then sent its military to the two regions.


“Russia is in clear violation of the very fundamental principles of international law as enshrined in the United Nations Charter – every state has sovereignty – the right to control their own affairs, and territorial integrity – that their borders will not be violated,” the British ambassador said.


In response to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, Britain has taken several steps, including sanctions and freezing of Russian-owned assets worth 300 billion pounds sterling.


There are more than 3 million Russian companies, including Gazprom, barred from raising money on the UK capital market, so the Russian state cannot seek funding in the UK.


Britain has also targeted the Russian oligarchs and those around Putin.


“Through this, we have now sanctioned more than 1000 individuals, entities, and subsidiaries since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Putin himself has acknowledged the ‘problems and difficulties caused by these sanctions,” explained Ambassador Owen.


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