Bring Lights Into Your Windowless Room

When you move to a new place, either a house or an apartment many things are considered. Start from how big is the space, how many windows, and of course, the cost. Let’s be real here, there is no such thing as a “dream home” but we have to make the best of what we’ve got.

In a house of 5 members, choosing a room is never easy, the ones who got the smallest, darkest, suffocating ones got to be the ones who need to work extra hard to be comfortable. A window in a room is very important because a room needs warmth from the sunshine. A window can also suppress that electricity charge because the sun can replace the lamp in broad daylight.

In a room that has only one window or no window whatsoever, the light must be terrible. We have got to find a way to bring the lights in the room. Here is how.

Bright furniture

By having a white or light coloured furniture, the space will have no room to get darker. People are usually hesitant to buy a white furniture but it has brought massive change to a room with no window.

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The color will radiate the room. Adding a white sofa, rug, or even cabinet will make the room feel bigger and taller.

Choose The Right Lighting
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No window means you are forced to bring up your own lighting. Choosing the right color temperature lamp that is good for your room but also  comfortable in your eyes is very important. Consider combining a cool daylight style bulb in your overhead light, with a warmer soft hue for your floor lamps and table lamps.

Maximize The Use of Mirror
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Mirrors are an effective way to hack the light of a room. Mirror can reflect light from a light bulb you have on your ceiling. You can choose the most modest kind of mirror, it doesn’t matter. 

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