Bridgerton Season Three: Romancing Mister Bridgerton


Announced by Penelope Featherington’s actress, Nicola Coughlan took to Instagram only days ago to reveal that season three of the hit tv show Bridgerton is going to be Colin and Penelope’s story; a whole book ahead of time.


Polin, the ship name for the couple, is already a fan favorite from season one and both characters have big followings, which should help ease any disappointment for fans of elder Bridgerton brother Benedict.


CONFIRMED: Season 3 of Bridgerton will be about Colin and Penelope

Speculation had been swirling about the swap between books three and four since season two dropped on Netflix, but this confirmation leaves more questions than answers. What this means for Benedict, whose season we were expecting, or Eloise whose book coincides with the end of Colins is yet to be seen.


But fans of the books can only hope that in the shift from book to tv, there is a little less deviation from the source material. No promises can be made, as the showrunners are yet to confirm whose season shall follow three, leaving the fate of Benedict’s love life up in the air.



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Season two differed greatly from its book, making for a more dramatic season than anyone was ready for. But general disappointment in the handling of the main romance aside, the Whistledown story has become more and more prevalent, culminating in something no one saw coming.


Dramatic reveal aside, seeing Penelope come out of her shell even further as the powerful Lady Whistledown was a joy to see, and season three promises to continue with this extensive plot line.



Penelope and Colin in Season Two

As each season goes on, the Bridgerton stories move further and further from their books. But your disappointment might ease, for Nicola Coughlan in a recent interview stated that she thought fans of the book would be happy with the upcoming season. That remains to be seen but should bode well for fans. And who knows, next season we may finally get to meet Benedict’s Lady love, Sophie.


But while some things are merely guesswork at the moment, it has been confirmed that the new Viscountess, Kate Bridgerton, is set to return. There has been no word whether the Duke of Hastings will appear; while it has just been announced that we shall have a new Francesca Bridgerton.


Ruby Stokes, who played the elusive Bridgerton in seasons one and two have moved on to another show and has been replaced by Hannah Dodd. Though Francesca’s book is a while off, next season she will move to series regular, giving fans a chance to get to know her.


Hannah Dodd

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