For a long time, Africans have only been hearing about the Fenty beauty, and seeing it too online but could never participate in shopping for it or using the products.


Recently, the Fenty Queen announced that the products will soon be made available in Africa. “I am a proud Bajan who also feels a strong connection to Africa and its people”. She explained.


“I’ve had the pleasure, and the privilege to spend time on the continent and those experiences never leave you. Now being able to bring Fenty beauty and Fenty skin to eight African countries and then hopefully more in the future, means so much to me”. She further clarified.


On Friday, May 27th the long anticipated wait was finally over, as the Fenty launch took place in eight chosen African countries, starring various celebrities who were sent invites. As of the said date, Fenty skin and Fenty beauty are now available in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zambia.



This is considered a great step for encouraging more investments in the cosmetics industry of Africa, as Fenty is perhaps the most hyped, and biggest cosmetic brand to launch in Africa.

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