Borla Is Making Exhaust Systems for EVS, Starting With Ford’s Mach-E


Electric cars pride themselves in making the least amount of noise (with the exception of Dodge’s), which kills off a major part of the excitement within gearheads. Aftermarket exhaust company Borla, however, may have invented a solution.



David Borla, VP of Sales and Marketing, elaborated on the situation. Shelby, out of all companies, was the first to ask them for an EV “exhaust” system. They approached Borla with the Mach-E and discussed the loss of sound in electric cars, which also essentially removed vibrations; which may or may not be pleasant for some, but in an ICE, that’s a surefire sign it’s loud enough, or something’s broken. Borla eventually managed to produce the first “sound system” for an EV, or the electric “Mustang”. Consisting of a speaker set, amplifier, wiring harness, a processor that syncs the throttle with the system, and the app that controls the sound it makes. Installation takes an hour and it’s very customizable, according to David. Online reception sparked some humorous comments; having to download sounds, exhaust systems by Skrillex and Beats, and comparing it to vegan burgers. He was very much aware of the incoming reactions, commenting that, “This is our Blockbuster vs. Netflix moment.” Borla may be a subject of ridicule now, but there’s no telling if this could sell more in the future.



Coping mechanism or a valid solution to the lack of sound in EVs? We’ll leave the debates for all to enjoy, but music is certainly best when watching a live performance; but it also depends on the genre. Whatever the outcome, we assume some bright folks have lined up a playlist for it; somewhat like Tesla’s customizable horns.



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