Boris Johnson Wins Vote But Faces Massive Tory Backlash

For the next 12 months, the prime minister is exempt from any leadership challenge, but a vote of no confidence in him by over 140 of his own MPs will gravely weaken his position.


The prime minister received 211 votes for and 148 votes against, for a 63 vote majority. To stay in office, he needed a simple majority of 180 votes or more.


As a result, Mr. Johnson received support from 59 percent of Conservative MPs, while 41 percent voted against him.


Mr. Johnson said the government can “move on” after the “convincing” and “decisive” vote on Monday evening.



Photograph taken on June 6, 2022 shows the street sign for Downing Street, in central London. - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a...

He claimed that he is more popular now than he was in 2019 when he won.


He stated that he was “certainly not interested in snap elections” to obtain a new mandate from the people.


“What this means tonight is that we can focus on what we’re doing to help people at the cost of living, with what we are doing to keep streets and communities safer,” he said.


“It gives us the chance to unite, strengthen and level up our economy.”


“What we are going to do now is take the opportunity to unite and deliver”, he added.


Since a very critical assessment of lockdown parties in and near Downing Street during the Covid-19 outbreak was published last month, outrage among Tory MPs has escalated.


The investigation exposed the degree of Covid rule-breaking at Number 10, notably at a birthday party in June 2020 that Mr. Johnson was penalized for attending.


Mr. Johnson became the UK’s first serving prime minister to be fined for breaching the law.


Some Tory MPs have also expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s tax increases, response to growing living costs, and policy direction.


Sir Roger Gale, an outspoken critic of Mr. Johnson told Sky News: “I don’t believe that he should take the party into the next general election and I think there are other elephant traps down the road – two by-elections coming up, the Privileges Committee report in the autumn – there are a lot of hurdles ahead.”


“And I think a prime minister of honor would look at the figures, accept the fact that he has lost the support of a significant proportion of his party, and consider his position”, he said.

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