Boris Johnson Survives No Confidence Vote


Boris Johnson, the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain, survived a no-confidence vote held by his political peers after over 15% of his party requested one.


Johnson has been Prime Minister since 2019 when Theresa May resigned from the post after pressure from her backbench when Brexit failed to go through by the initially promised deadline. He was voted in by his own party and has led the country through the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and now the cost of living crisis.


The no-confidence vote came after the PM was booed along with his wife at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations over the weekend. His actions during the pandemic caused countrywide outrage when it came out that he and some of his associates held gatherings that didn’t conform to the social distancing rules set by the same government ministers and then proceeded to joke about, deny, and downplay the aftermath.


The vote was held on Monday 6th June between 6-8 pm and the results were announced publicly at 9 pm the same day. Johnson won the vote, but only by 59% – a smaller margin than his predecessor Theresa May when she faced one just six months before she resigned.


The results bode ill for Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party, but it is believed that he will hold on to power as long as he possibly can. Only time will tell whether he stays or not, but past events with previous Prime Ministers will surely be hanging over his head and could foreshadow his future.

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