Boozy Holidays

Happy New Beer’s Eve!!


No one knows the exact origins of beer, but it is believed that it originated sometime around 4000 BC in Mesopotamia; hops were added to the beer-making process around 1000 AD. You can celebrate today by doing things like hosting an event, taking a brewery tour, or trying a locally brewed beer.


Today is also merely the first of ten holidays I found that occur throughout the year that is related to beer.


April 7th: National Beer Day


April 7th is celebrated as National Beer Day in the US because it coincides with the day in 1933 when the 18th Amendment was repealed in the United States, ending Prohibition, and making alcoholic beverages legal again. You can celebrate today by enjoying some beer tourism, visiting a local brewery, or buying some beer-themed products.


April 23rd: German Beer Day

If you’re a fan of beer, you know that some of the very best beers come from Germany; German Beer Day celebrates the craftsmanship of German brewers. Celebrate today by drinking some German beer or visiting a local beer garden.


June 15th: Beer Day Britain

Beer Day Britain sees British people raising a glass and taking part in beer-based festivities on the weekend leading into Father’s Day. Celebrate this day by visiting a local British pub and sampling what they have to offer.


August 4th: India Pale Ale Day

India Pale Ale is a beer with high levels of alcohol. This beer has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent times, and today it is one of the world’s most popular types of beer. To celebrate this day, you can go out and enjoy a local IPA, or you can buy a brewing kit and try making your own!


August 5th: International Beer Day

This is a day to toast beer makers and servers around the world; it is a day to enjoy the beverage and appreciate those who make it. Celebrate this day by toasting beer makers, trying a new beer, joining a beer-themed event, or learning some beer trivia.


September 7th: National Beer Lovers Day

Beer is one of the world’s favourite drinks, and has been around for millennia; today, brewing beer is a multi-million-dollar business, and there are countless varieties to choose from. For this day honouring the lovers of this fine beverage, you can celebrate by learning some beer facts, trying a new beer, and more.


October 9th: International Beer and Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day - October 9

This is a day to honour a beloved food and beverage combination; the savoury texture of a pizza seems tailor-made to go with the amber-coloured liquid that is a beer. Celebrate this day by making homemade pizza, enjoying beer and pizza together, or trying a pizza beer.


November 17th: International Happy Gose Day

Gose is a unique type of German beer, made differently in every region in Germany. The beer originated in the 16th century in the town of Goslar; its uniqueness comes from its spontaneous yeast-free fermentation and the addition of coriander. Celebrate this unique beverage by finding and visiting an establishment where you can sample it.


December 10th: National Lager Day

Lager is a type of beer characterized by its cold start and its deliciousness as a cold serving; there is nothing quite like ending a hard days’ work with a pint of ice-cold lager. You can celebrate this day by learning about the different types of lagers, drinking a lager, or even brewing your own.


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