Blue Spring Ride: Characters’ Reviews

Genre: Romance, Drama, Shoujo, school life

The female lead, Futaba Yoshioka, fell in love with the male lead, Kou Tanaka, while she was in middle school. However, her first relationship didn’t end well because of the misunderstandings. They met by chance again when they were in high school. Unfortunately, the “Kou” she knew had now changed a lot. He was like a different person because now he looked more mature and cooler. The guy that used to be shy and show everything he thought on his face was now long gone. What should she do with her feelings that start to fall for him ever again?

Futaba Yoshioka
She is the most fascinating and lively female lead I’ve ever seen in manga. After she transfers to another school, she has to face many obstacles, try to adapt to a new environment, and make new friends again. I really like her endeavors! Because every time I see this character, I get a strange passion.

To be honest, I think this character lacks decision-making skills. Moreover, because of his personality, he is hated by many readers. After he had transferred to the same school as our female lead, he couldn’t decide whether to make the female lead fall for him. What’s more frustrating is that he even went out with another girl while he didn’t have any feelings for that girl at all. However, I think that this is what makes the “Kou” character so deep that he’s like a real person.

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