‘Blue Period’: Chapter 50 Recap



Blue Period is a Japanese seinen manga written by Tsubasa Yamaguchi about a young high-schooler named Yatora Yaguchi, who has a newfound inspiration in painting after deciding that his life was boring.


 Here’s what you missed in chapter 50!


In chapter 49, the Second Year Oil Painting Department was given an assignment from Professor Inukai, detailing that the second years must finish a staggering total of 500 drawings in only 2 weeks. 


The “impossible” task seemed too much for Yatora to the stomach and started to overthink the assignment as he thinks that his ability in drawing significantly doesn’t match his oil painting skills. As Yatora starts to worry about the assignment, he’s dragged back into reality by an unsuspecting Yakumo who seems to be drawing with complete ease, which envies Yatora a little bit. 


Yakumo realizes Yatora’s hesitance and offers him great advice; by encouraging Yatora to start drawing first before overthinking about it. Yatora takes his advice and starts to go on an introspective walk to the train, where he draws stills of people going about their daily lives from morning until night. 


Cut to chapter 50, the panel begins with Professor Inukai walking around inspecting the finished art assignments as well as giving critiques to some students. A bashful Yatora is standing in front of 500 of his completed drawings, awaiting his critique. 


Professor Inukai comes up to him and relentlessly gives his critique on Yatora’s art piece – stating that his introspective self-journey translated in his art isn’t enough to move people. Despite the negative critique, Yatora wasn’t as affected as last time. 


A new assignment is given to the second year, where their assignment will be focused on “guilt”. Yatora exits the class to thank Yakumo for his advice, offering to treat him to food next time. Not only did Yatora find drawing art fun again, but he also found a little bit of himself throughout the whole project, as his friends commented on how he looks “more mature” now.

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