“Blue Lock” Planning to Release Spin-Off Manga


A “Blue Lock” spin-off manga titled “Blue Lock – Episode Nagi” is planned to be released on the  Bessatsu Shonen Magazine issue 7 on June 9th, 2022 this year. 


The spin-off manga will center around Nagi Seishirou, a supporting character in the manga who is a formidable rival of Blue Lock’s main character – Isagi Yoichi. 


Nagi Seishirou is an enigma of a character born with natural and innate football skills as a forward. Despite having minimal skills in football, Nagi still rises as one of the best players in the stratum; and is considered one of the best players. 


Although the new spin-off series is planned to be released in June, the issue of the Bessatsu Magazine itself is set to release somewhere in May. 


“Blue Lock” written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro focuses on the protagonist’s (Isagi Yoichi) journey in participating in Blue Lock, where he trains and competes against 300 rivals to become the world’s greatest striker. 


Although the manga is still ongoing, a TV anime adaption of the manga is planned to be released around June 2022 and will be produced by Eight Bit Animation studio.


“Blue Lock ” currently has a total of 3 trailers uploaded on AnimeHype’s YouTube Channel. The three trailers include one official main trailer and two other versions of the trailer dedicated to individual characters. 


So far, fans have gotten Isagi Yoichi and Meguru Bachira’s versions of the trailer and a sneak peek of the action that fans are going to get when the anime officially airs somewhere in June 2022.


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