Blue Lock Chapter 171 Recap: Aftermath of Germany vs. Brazil


Chapter 171 begins with the aftermath of Germany (Bastard Munchen) versus Brazil (FC Barcha) with a score of 3-2.


In Bastard Munchen’s locker room, Isagi’s still feeling a bit dissatisfied with his performance during the match. Despite having the opportunity to play on the field with Bastard Munchen players.


Isagi only left an impact on the match with an assist to his Blue Lock teammate, Kunigami and it was ultimately Kunigami who scored a goal at the end.


Before, it was revealed by Ego that the Blue Lock program is being live-streamed as a reality show not only to FC owners and sponsors – but to the general public.


The Blue Lock reality show itself live streamed to millions of people is subscription-based, planned by Ego to generate revenue as well as create a bidding system for sponsors by showcasing the football matches in Blue Lock.


Back to the locker room, as Isagi’s ruminating about his lackluster contribution in the match, Ego further reveals that private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms are not filmed, and the cafeteria and training rooms will be included in the broadcast.


Isagi received a bid of 17 Million to join the FC Barsark Dortmund, acknowledging the impact of the Blue Lock Program being broadcasted to the world. Although Isagi received an offer reaching 17 million, he’s still striving for more as the value of his rival – Itoshi Rin’s higher than his.


Things get heated as Yukimiya Kenyu informs Isagi that he wouldn’t feel content with the pass that Isagi made during the match between Germany and Brazil. Isagi refutes that the pass wasn’t to make himself feel good but was the result of focusing on his own “challenge” and tekks Yukimiya that he’s “blind to reality”.


The chapter ends with Michael Kaiser – a regular of Bastard Munchen’s breaking up the fight and urging the Blue Lock members to join him rather than “choosing the wrong king to serve”. The Blue Lock members get into a dilemma to either reign independently like Kunigami or bow down to the professionals to survive in the Blue Lock competition.

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